Flutter Firebase Bloc Instagram Course

📃 Prerequisites

  • Have Flutter installed
  • Intermediate knowledge of Flutter and Dart
  • Bloc fundamentals

🚨 Note

  • This course uses an older version of Flutter and Dart, but you can still follow along
  • Just follow the instructions included in the course on setting the proper Dart SDK version in your project

📚 What will I learn?

  • Folder and file structure
  • Reusable widgets
  • Asynchronous programming
  • Error handling
  • Caching
  • Bloc for state management
  • Firebase Authentication (Email/Password Sign-in)
  • Firebase Cloud Firestore
  • Cloud Firestore Pagination
  • Upload images to Firebase Storage
  • Firebase Cloud Functions

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❤️ Wall of Love

Well explained! Great instructor, simple and straight-forward.

Katsaros P.

Marcus’s Flutter courses have always been fantastic.


Perfect audio quality. Good pace.

Marlos L.

The excellent feature of this course comparing to many others is the instructor’s explanation during the coding which helps me understand and know how to apply what I’ve learned into practice.

Quang L.

Focused, no waffle, straight-talking, no back-and-forth try-this try-that. WOW. Quality not Quantity. Concise and precise.

Mark T.

As a senior developer, I've learned so much about improving my development process. Marcus is a great instructor, and his coding style is top notch.

L. B.

The presentation is excellent, everything is detailed properly. I recommend Marcus' courses to everyone.

Krisztián S.

Very well explained course, with clear examples. Keep up the great work. A+++!

Fernando B.

Marcus is clear with his instructions and explains what he is doing as he is doing it.

Niki D.


1 Introduction

2 My Flutter VSCode Extensions

3 Source Code

4 Project Setup

5 Firebase Setup

6 Custom Router

7 Auth Repository & Failure Model

8 What is Bloc?

9 Auth Bloc

10 Splash Screen Routing

11 Login Screen

12 Login Cubit

13 Connecting Our Login Cubit

14 Signup Cubit

15 Signup Screen

16 Platform Aware Error Dialog

17 Bottom Navigation Bar

18 Navigator Keys and Nested Routing

19 User Model

20 User Repository

21 Profile Bloc

22 Profile Screen

23 Storage Repository

24 Edit Profile Cubit

25 Edit Profile Routing

26 Edit Profile Screen

27 Crop and Compress Images

28 Post Model

29 Comment Model

30 Post Repository

31 Add Firebase Composite Index

32 Create Post Cubit

33 Create Post Screen

34 Profile Screen Sliver Grid and Sliver List

35 Post UI

36 Search Cubit

37 Search Screen

38 User Repository Follow & Unfollow Users

39 Cloud Functions Setup

40 Cloud Functions Follow and Unfollow Users

41 Cloud Functions Posts

42 Feed Bloc

43 Feed Screen

44 Firestore Pagination

45 Liked Posts Cubit

46 Liking Posts

47 Comments Bloc

48 Comments Screen

49 Notification Model

50 Notification Repository

51 Notification Bloc

52 Notification Screen

53 Conclusion