Flutter For Beginners Course

📚 What will I learn?

  • Dart basics
  • Flutter basics
  • Folder and file structure
  • Reusable widgets
  • Navigation/Routing
  • Asynchronous programming
  • Interact with APIs
  • Bloc state management basics
  • Error handling
  • Pagination

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❤️ Wall of Love

Well explained! Great instructor, simple and straight-forward.

Katsaros P.

Marcus’s Flutter courses have always been fantastic.


Perfect audio quality. Good pace.

Marlos L.

The excellent feature of this course comparing to many others is the instructor’s explanation during the coding which helps me understand and know how to apply what I’ve learned into practice.

Quang L.

Focused, no waffle, straight-talking, no back-and-forth try-this try-that. WOW. Quality not Quantity. Concise and precise.

Mark T.

As a senior developer, I've learned so much about improving my development process. Marcus is a great instructor, and his coding style is top notch.

L. B.

The presentation is excellent, everything is detailed properly. I recommend Marcus' courses to everyone.

Krisztián S.

Very well explained course, with clear examples. Keep up the great work. A+++!

Fernando B.

Marcus is clear with his instructions and explains what he is doing as he is doing it.

Niki D.


1 Introduction

2 Installing Flutter and VSCode

3 My Flutter VSCode Extensions

4 What is Dart?

5 What is DartPad?

6 Variables

7 Primitive Types

8 Printing, String Concatentation, & Escaping

9 Final, Const, & Var Keywords

10 Composite Types (List, Set, & Map)

11 Operations

12 Functions

13 Flow Control (if, else, & else-if)

14 Null Safety

15 Loops (for, for-in, while, forEach & map)

16 Classes

17 Enums & Switch Statements

18 Futures

19 Exception Handling

20 Parsing JSON

21 Streams

22 Extensions

23 Generics

24 Creating Your First Flutter Project

25 Folder and File Structure

26 Running Your App - Hot Reload & Hot Restarts

27 What are widgets?

28 More Widgets

29 Counter App - Breaking it down

30 Counter App - Building the app

31 Contact Card App - Project Overview

32 Source Code

33 Project Setup

34 Home Screen

35 Gradient Background

36 Card and Container Widgets

37 Circle Avatar and Network Image

38 Row, Icon, and Text Widgets

39 Reusable Widgets - InfoRow

40 URL Launcher Package

41 Launching URLs

42 Photos App - Overview

43 What is an API?

44 Unsplash API Key

45 Source Code

46 Project Setup

47 Photo Model

48 User Model

49 Repository Pattern

50 Photos Screen

51 Photos Card

52 Basic Navigation

53 Photo Viewer Screen

54 What is Bloc?

55 Photos Bloc Explained

56 Photos State & Event

57 Photos Bloc

58 Bloc Provider & Bloc Builder

59 Adding Pagination

60 Conclusion