Flutter Local Storage Course

📃 Prerequisites

  • Have Flutter installed
  • Beginner knowledge of Flutter and Dart

📚 What will I learn?

  • Flutter basics
  • Folder and file structure
  • Reusable widgets
  • Navigation/Routing
  • Asynchronous programming
  • Local Storage CRUD and Full Text Search with Isar Database
  • Error handling

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❤️ Wall of Love

Well explained! Great instructor, simple and straight-forward.

Katsaros P.

Marcus’s Flutter courses have always been fantastic.


Perfect audio quality. Good pace.

Marlos L.

The excellent feature of this course comparing to many others is the instructor’s explanation during the coding which helps me understand and know how to apply what I’ve learned into practice.

Quang L.

Focused, no waffle, straight-talking, no back-and-forth try-this try-that. WOW. Quality not Quantity. Concise and precise.

Mark T.

As a senior developer, I've learned so much about improving my development process. Marcus is a great instructor, and his coding style is top notch.

L. B.

The presentation is excellent, everything is detailed properly. I recommend Marcus' courses to everyone.

Krisztián S.

Very well explained course, with clear examples. Keep up the great work. A+++!

Fernando B.

Marcus is clear with his instructions and explains what he is doing as he is doing it.

Niki D.


1 Introduction

2 Source Code

3 What is Isar Database?

4 Project Setup

5 Todo Model

6 Todos Repository

7 main.dart & Todos Screen

8 Add Todo Dialog

9 Update & Delete Todos

10 Stream Todos

11 Todo Tile

12 Full Text Search

13 Unfocus Widget

14 Conclusion