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Flutter For Beginners

New to Flutter and don't know where to start? This is the course for you.

Flutter UI Masterclass

Learn how to build beautiful and complex user interfaces for mobile and web with Flutter.

Flutter SQLite Local Storage

Learn how to interact with and utilize local device storage.

Flutter Firebase Chat

Learn how to build a realtime chat app using Flutter and Firebase.

Flutter Bloc Crypto with API

Interact with an API to build a cryptocurrency price tracker with Flutter and Bloc.

Flutter Firebase Bloc Notes

Learn how to build a notes app using Flutter and Firebase with Bloc for state management.

Flutter Firebase Bloc Instagram

Build an Instagram clone using Flutter and Firebase with Bloc for state management.

28+ Hours, 200+ Lessons

Coding courses with zero fluff. Source code always included.

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Project Based Courses

Learn how to build real world applications and apply your skills to your own projects.

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Well explained! Great instructor, simple and straight-forward.

- Katsaros P.

Marcus’s Flutter courses have always been fantastic.


This course is helping me sooooo much with my new job. Thank you Marcus!!!

- Robin W.

The instructors delivery is so cool. I have always wanted this kind of clear "Thinking out loud" kind of instruction so that it's neither spoon-feeding nor gibberish.

- Sundar S.

The presentation is excellent, everything is detailed properly. I recommend Marcus' courses to everyone.

- Krisztián S.

This course is amazing. As a senior developer, I've learned so much about improving my development process. Marcus is a great instructor, and his coding style is top notch.

- L. B.